From the Field: Camping with the Youth Leaders Team

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By Adriana Pisanu

The experience of the camp for the Youth Promoters, which was carried out in the Ecotourism Park of Huayapam, was very special for me.

I collaborated in the planning of activities for the young people who participated and I greatly enjoyed designing the two-day camp program. In order to have a systematization of all the activities, I worked together with the team of  SiKanda in the creation of the descriptive letters for the workshops and the games. It was very interesting to collaborate and share knowledge and educational strategies. There was strong understanding and good communication between the team and because of this, I felt very comfortable working with everyone. Each one of SiKanda’s teammates had their role and their area of ​​work (planning of activities, logistics, communication with adolescents and their families, etc.) but they shared all with each other, so they could know how the general work went and could provide feedback at times when necessary.

After the planning, the necessary materials for each activity were prepared (I had never built a parachute out of fabric to play with before, but now I can say, with happiness, that I have done it!). I could not take it anymore because I wanted to see the concrete results of the work.

The days of the camp that were so long awaited finally arrived, and the good teamwork gave us the possibility of having very good results with the teenagers.

The Promoters enjoyed the activities that were alternated between workshops, games and bike rides. Through the activities we reflected together with the Promoters on different topics: the promotion of expression of adolescents regarding elements that contribute to guarantee their rights within their community; the problems and proposals around the experience of the rights within the communities where they live; the characteristics (diversity and similarities) of each person and the enrichment through one another; the collaboration between people through relationships based on listening, empathy and respect; and the identification of diversity and collaborative work as favorable elements for community development.

It is very difficult to choose the moments that I liked most about this experience because each one was special in its own way for different reasons. One of the moments that I will surely never forget is the night fire under the clean sky full of Huayapam stars (I still had not enjoyed the Oaxaca sky because there is too much light in the city). The campfire was at the end of the first day, we were all a little tired (the promoters and not so much for the unlimited energy at their age) but there was a very intimate, relaxed and profound moment in which everyone shared stories, songs and games.

I really liked seeing how at the end of the two days of camp, the adolescents were already more aware of the fact that they can help support to promote positive changes for their community with their ideas, with their participation, and with the expression of their proposals and furthermore, that they can count on the support of their companions. In those two days, a strong change could be seen between them in terms of confidence and group cohesion.

It was a personal and professional enrichment for which I thank the teenagers who have participated with all their energy and vitality and, of course, also the entire SiKanda team for their professionalism and for the trust they put in me.


Adriana Pisanu is a graduate in Social Work and a student in Pedagogy, in the class, Planning and Management of Educational services. Of Italian nationality, she has worked as a volunteer in SiKanda since July 2017. Her experience, knowledge and great attitude daily enrich the work of SiKanda with the young people of Zaachila. This is how we learn from each other and promote cultural exchange and knowledge!

 The aim of the Community Promoters camp is to strengthen the individual and group skills of the Promotion team and, above all, to foster more harmonious, positive and profound relations of friendship among young people.