Empowering for Food in Oaxaca: planting the basis for food security and sovereignty

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Building community gardens

The Project “Empowering for Food in Oaxaca” was financed by the Delegation of the European Union in Mexico and was implemented between January 2014 and February 2015 by SiKanda, Crecemos DIJO AC and El Colegio de México.

Its objective was to strengthen the public policy incidence capacities of marginalized communities in the state, particularly in food security policies such as the Community Kitchens Program of the System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF)  Oaxaca.

Aimed at 3.280 people in 10 rural and suburban communities of the Mixteca and Central Valleys regions, here are some of the most important activities and results of the project:

  • Community participation- the project’s basis was the celebration of community encounters in which local population shared ideas and proposals to improve the Community Kitchens Program of the DIF Oaxaca, as well as their families’ and communities’ food sovereignty.
  • Research and participatory diagnostics – experts from El Colegio de Mexico conducted a participatory research on the variables that affect food security in the intervention areas, comparing official data with information provided by the communities. The research “Diagnostics on the socioeconomic variables that influence food security and the community kitchens in the municipalities of the Project Empowering for Food in Oaxaca” is available at this link (in Spanish only).
  • Training and empowerment – we habilitated community gardens to provide the kitchens with fresh and nutritious food, and we facilitated the empowering of the communities by providing the necessary skills and inputs to manage these spaces (training in nutrition, urban agriculture, husbandry, amongst others).
  • Public policy incidence – civil organizations and communities jointly formulated a series of proposals to improve the quality of state policy in relation to food security. The proposals will be delivered to the authorities of the DIF Oaxaca.
  • Empowering for Food Congress- over 100 people from communities, organizations, academia and government officials gathered to share experiences and learn from each other in order to continue working towards food security for all. Click here to download audio and presentations from the Congress (in Spanish only).
  • On-line platform and civil participation – to encourage civil participation and to monitor the operation of the Community Kitchens Program, we developed an on-line platform to inform, discuss, and make proposals. Available at empoderandolaalimentacion.org

What’s next?

Talleres de nutriciónContinuity of the projects is very important for SiKanda, which is why we’re currently planning our next moves to continue working towards food security and sovereignty and public policy incidence.

We will follow up and work alongside the communities so they can maintain and improve the management of their gardens. Accompanying the learning process is important, due to the changing conditions of the orchard.

Equally, to take greater advantage of the on-line platform created by the Project, we will seek to reinforce our alliances with other organizations to promote civil participation. Thus, SiKanda continues working with its mission to foster collaboration between different social sectors, facilitating cooperation between communities, civil organizations and government authorities.

For more information on this Project contact us at info@si-kanda.org

Talleres de nutrición