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Exchange Between Youth Promotion Team and CONNAD

On Tuesday October 11th, the date that commemorated the “International Day of the Girl”, the Committee of Girls and Boys and Adolescents for their Rights (Comité de Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes por sus Derechos)(CONNAD) of the Calpulli Center, visited Eastern Zaachila to meet those who make up the second generation youth promotion team.


Through a game, members of each group developed proposals to know the activities that each organization performs, how are the places where they are developed, what they think of their school and what they do to exercise their right to participation.


Carmelita announced that after attending some forums, children and adolescents from Calpulli decided to form a committee that, in addition to capacity building, could raise awareness of more relevant topics such as education, sexual and reproductive rights, and megaprojects, among others; that is how CONNAD came about.

Meanwhile, Nuvia commented that in Sikanda they have received workshops on cycling, photography, and radio, and they have participated in activities such as bike rides, photographic exhibitions and camp.

Both groups agreed that there are not many spaces for them to express themselves freely, as well as the lack of basic services they face in their communities, among them, drinking water and electricity.

Finally, after a few rounds of games, Sikanda Promoters gave a short cycling class to members of CONNAD.

This project has the support of the Embassy of Canada in Mexico, through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, Promotora Social Mexico and the Dibujando un Mañana Foundation.