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Become a volunteer,   make a donation, start a campaign… there are many ways to support SiKanda’s mission!

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Contact a musical group for a concert, a restaurant for a dinner, an office for a meeting or a sports team to compete in SiKanda’s name. Organize a lottery in the name of solidarity. Choose a project that you would like to sponsor and contact us for informational material! SiKanda will evaluate the event to ensure it is consistent with our principles. Upon request, we will send informational material such as pamphlets, posters, videos, and photos. SiKanda only participates in events whose missions are compatible with our organization.
SiKanda is currently looking for… Volunteers! Interested in volunteering?  We need your experience.  Current openings include: Fundraising Communications Assistant Assistant Program Coordinator Graphic Designer   We are in the office from 9AM-4:30PM Monday – Friday.  As a volunteer you would get all Mexican holidays off.  Also, the schedule is flexible if more time off is needed. You would be very much a part of SiKanda’s daily activities, which could include coordinating meetings or conferences, editing and translating documents and institutional materials, as well as participating in staff meetings and project site visits. Please refer to the descriptions below for more information about the specific volunteer opportunities.  To send in an application and CV/resume or contact us for further information, please write to:   Help us with as Fundraising Communications Assistant Responsibilities include: Develop business plans in collaboration with other staff Plan promotional and fundraising events for SiKanda. Liaison with private agencies, the government and other organizations to explore potential collaborations for raising funds. Perform online research and build contacts with potential individual donors and foundations. Identify potential funding sources and develop donor database. Write grant proposals, and follow up with funding sources The position requires a time commitment of 35 hours a week and an advanced level of Spanish or English (other languages would also be considered). An undergraduate degree in Communications or a related field, as well as experience with fundraising, is preferred. This position is unpaid.  Availability is immediate.   Help us as an Assistant Program Coordinator Responsibilities include: Coordinate project site visits.  Checking the progress of current projects including with worm composting.  Troubleshoot project difficulties and document progress. Organize events including informational talks given throughout Oaxaca about the project, and the sale of fertilizer produced by the pepenadores. Develop project proposals and publications to submit to possible donors, and the general public. Participate in staff meetings. Assist in the selection process of future volunteers. We are looking for someone who has had previous experience in positions that require program and/or event coordination or general support to heads of programs and/or departments. The candidate should have an undergraduate degree in Political Science, International Relations, Anthropology or related fields, and preferably a Masters’ Degree in Cooperation or another development-related field, so that s/he is well-equipped with knowledge of SiKanda’s areas of work and will be able to implement pre-conceived program models. This position requires a time commitment of 35 hours a week for a period of 2 to 3 months, an advanced level of Spanish and an intermediate level of English. This position is unpaid.  Availability is immediate.   Help us as a Graphic Designer Responsibilities include: Design and improve pamphlets, bulletins, posters, and other promotional material. Update SiKanda’s website, Twitter, and Facebook.  Develop newsletter for email publication every other month. Develop marketing materials. Participate in staff meetings. This position requires and advanced grasp of graphic design, a basic level of Spanish and a time commitment of 35 hours a week. Preference will be given to candidates with the ability to create and maintain web sites. This position is unpaid.  Availability is immediate.   Would you like to help but will only be in Oaxaca for a short time? While we are always looking for long-term volunteers we are also very interested in taking on volunteers for shorter periods of time, or working less hours per week, so please do contact us to see how you could get involved.  New short-term opportunities include helping us sell and promote our organic fertilizer in organic markets.   Logistical information for prospective volunteers Our office is based in Oaxaca City and is about a 5 minute walk from the centre. Much of the work is office based but there will be regular trips to visit the pepenadores and to get involved in more hands-on work. There are no participation fees for volunteering with SiKanda, however you will need to pay for your own room and board. We are happy to provide you with information and advice on hotels, hostels, apartments or homestays in Oaxaca before you arrive.   Estimated Living Costs Rent $2000-$3000 MXP monthly Food $800-$3500 MXP monthly Transport $5.5 MXP per bus ride Used Bicycle $1000 MPX Mexican Pre-Paid Cell Phone $250 MPX Costs vary dependant on usage. It would be preferable for you to bring a laptop to work from as we have very limited equipment.
Introduce us to a friend who is interested in collaborating. Introduce your friends to SiKanda projects. This will help us build our network of friends and strengthen our group of potential partners and supporters in Latin America.
Organizations or businesses can help SiKanda by sponsoring events, initiatives, agreements and publications, or collaborate directly in the implementation of initiatives and fundraising. You can also propose ideas for social or cause marketing. This will enable you to publicize your commitment to social causes and improve your image among clients while promoting SiKanda’s projects. Include SiKanda’s logo or a link to SiKanda on your website. Display educational material about SiKanda in your central or branch offices; place a collection box in your office to raise funds for one or more of SiKanda’s projects. Support SiKanda with a specific donation to one of our areas of action or a specific project. Offer Sikanda your services or products as an in-kind donation, allowing SiKanda to considerably reduce its administrative and operational costs. SiKanda only accepts sponsorship from organizations whose missions are compatible with our association.