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SiKanda invites you to participate in our permanent book donation campaign! As part of our activities in different primary and secondary schools in the Zaachila Municipality, SiKanda builds and equips Green Libraries through a colaboration with Fundación de Apoyo a la Educación Huapahualiztli A.C. and Techamos una Mano A.C.

Green Libraries provide a safe and clean environment that can be used for workshops and other learning activities.

SiKanda provides a start-up package containing mainly books on environmental issues and other school materials. We also include classic literature with authors from Oaxaca, Mexico and the World.

To fill these spaces with words, knowledge and adventures, we encourage you to donate new or used books and dedicate them to the students. We hope that your writing in the first pages can spark the curiosity to read!

How to participate


Easy! Follow these simple steps:



1.- Chose:

 Chose the book or books you wish to donate. Preferably chose a book that was important to you, that you enjoyed reading, or that you think young people or children should read.  Books in english are welcome!



 dedica2.- Dedicate: 

Write a few lines on the first pages for the future reader. Why should he or she read this book? What will they discover inside? Make it interesting! 




3.- Share

Deliver your book in our facilities in office hours, or at our stand in the Alternative Market “El Phocote”, located outside the Xochimilco Church in Oaxaca. You’ll find us there each friday and saturday, between 9 am to 1 pm.





Biblioteca Verde en Escuela Primaria de Zaachila

Reading in a Green Library in Zaachila

Should you like to know more about the Green Libraries, do not hesitate to contact us!



Pasa Palabras