Tales from the Field: Pauline Ameels

Pauline trabajando con las jóvenes de Zaachila

Pauline trabajando con las jóvenes de Zaachila

I had such a Rich experience volunteering with Sikanda!

I learnt a lot of things about the social situation in Mexico, about the people and culture but most specifically about the recyclers. I also learnt a lot about myself and my own development which I had not realised prior to my experience at SiKanda. Volunteering with Sikanda has enabled me to aquire much needed experience for my own studies aswell. Although SiKanda is only a small organisation it is very open to recieving volunteers. I am so greatful for having had the opportunity work  in such an open and flexible environment with such an adabtable team. This positive experience has given me the desire to continue working with SiKanda in the future.

During my three months volunteering, I colaborated with the team in office work, but I also had plenty of opportunity to work in the community. We mostly worked with Primary and Secundary students. Personally, I will always cherish my experiences working with hese students. I would like to thank the whole SiKanda team for welcoming me into their team and allowing me to be a part of this excellent project.

Pauline Ameels volunteered at SiKanda from Feburary to April, 2015. Pauline is orginally from Belgium. Pauline mostly colaborated in the projects ‘Niños y Niñas Lombri-Acción’ y ‘Jóvenes Lombri-Acción’ (Boys and Girls Worm-Action and Youth Worm-Action) helping to prepare workshops and following up with the schools. The SiKanda team would like to thank Pauline for her dedication and for her pacience in the collection and analysis of information that helps us improve the workshops and projects for the benefit of the participants . We will miss you Pauline!