In compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Information in the Possession of Private Institutions, we are providing you with the following information:

SOLIDARIDAD INTERNACIONAL KANDA A.C. is a legally-constituted non-profit organization in accordance with Mexican law, located at Privada Barrio Nuevo 117 Col. Lomas de la Cascada C.P. 68040 in Oaxaca de Juárez, México. As an entity responsible for the management of your personal information, SiKanda informs you that the personal information of our donors is handled in a strictly confidential manner, with this information including:

1. Full name;
2. Home address;
3. Home, business and cell phone number(s);
4. Electronic address (email).

This information will be used solely and exclusively for the following purposes:

1. Updating the organization’s internal database;
2. Informing you about the organization’s projects;
3. Contacting you regarding fundraising campaigns.

The voluntary provision of your personal information constitutes your acceptance of the conditions stated in this Privacy Notice, and therefore, your authorization for these stated uses of your personal information.

All of your personal information will be handled in accordance with currently applicable federal law, and as such we inform you that you have, at any time, the right to access, correct, rescind or challenge the use which we make of your personal information. This right may be exercised through the organization’s Privacy Department, which is in charge of preventing unauthorized access to your personal information and guaranteeing that it will be used only for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Notice. Your information will be kept in our offices, and will not be provided to third parties.

You can contact us by telephone at +52 951 144 3965, or via e-mail at

Through these means, you can update your information and specify the means by which you desire to receive information from us.

SOLIDARIDAD INTERNACIONAL KANDA A.C. may modify this Privacy Notice. Such modifications will be communicated to you in a timely manner via e-mail.

Solidaridad Internacional Kanda, AC (SiKanda)
Most recent date of issuance: 21/10/2014