“It is respectable and honest work, and we make our living honestly through recycling; it is something that not everyone knows how to do” – Informal Recycler from Oaxaca

SiKanda works with highly marginalized communities, among which are the “Trash-pickers” or independent recyclers, who live in various trash dumps.

The Trash-pickers work long days recycling a significant portion of the 1,000 metric tons of garbage generated daily by the City of Oaxaca, saving the city approximately US $30,000 per month.

60% of the population of Oaxaca lacks basic services such as running water and trash collection

We also work with neighborhoods and counties with high rates of malnutrition, unemployment and discrimination, helping to improve the quality of life of families, including large numbers of vulnerable single mothers, children and senior adults.


Annual Report 2015

Check out our latest progress in our annual report: download it here!

We thank you for the trust that you have placed in SiKanda and for your support towards marginalized families of Oaxaca; your efforts serve as a model of solidarity and social justice.