The project “Eco-Homes for Hope” is intended to improve the quality of life of trash-picker families, providing them with adequate and decent housing.

30% of the families that live in the City of Oaxaca trash dump reside in structures made of garbage, lacking running water and sewer services.

These unhealthy conditions contribute to increases in healthcare expenses, which represent as much as 40% of household incomes.

Thanks to the training and support of SiKanda, the families of trash-pickers built their own homes. These strong and economical homes were built using recycled materials and certified architectural methods.



In July of 2013, we completed the construction of five Eco-Homes for five families living on the outskirts of the Oaxaca county dump, utilizing 25,000 plastic bottles and almost 28,000 tetrapak boxes. This was the final phase of the project, initiated in 2009, in collaboration with the trash-picker families of the City of Oaxaca.

Mexican and foreign volunteers, and members of the Trash-picker Association participated in the construction. Families and the community contributed to the project by separating the materials, and alliances with other organizations allowed for the construction of the five houses in just 7 days.


Third-party participation




Students from Oaxaca


Foreign volunteers


Project beneficiaries