The “Worm-Action” Center provides easy access for families to environmental technologies that are effective in attacking sanitation problems caused by garbage, in order to promote improved health.

The correlation between the accumulation of garbage, poor sanitation and life expectancy has been fully documented by the UN and the WHO. In studies such as “UN-Water Global Annual Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking Water 2012”, they have demonstrated that garbage has a serious effect upon water quality and the environment, contributing to the fact that diarrhea is the second most critical factor worldwide in mortality, especially among infants.


Our various training workshops (Health, Environmental Protection, Nutrition, Techniques for Processing Organic Waste and Vegetable Gardening) help communities in gaining knowledge and acquiring the organic waste separation and worm composting skills necessary for creating compost which can be used for maintaining family gardens for personal use.



Design of marketing materials for organic worm compost.

Collaboration with an organic market in Oaxaca.

Completion of workshop and video presentation facilities at the Worm-Action Center.

1700 kg of organic waste composted monthly.


Collaboration with a trash-picker community in Huajuapan de León, Oaxaca.

Collaboration and exchange of experiences with the National Polytechnic Institute (CIIDIR – Oaxaca) and the Technological University of the Mixteca.