As a part of the “Futurescope” initiative, Community Youth Promoters from the town of Zaachila use photography as a tool to reflect on their surroundings and the possibilities of social change.

The high school-age youth participate in photography workshops offered by Gibrán Morales, a local Oaxaca artist and photography instructor invited by SiKanda. The workshops cover both theory and practice, exploring photography as a form of artistic expression. The photos that the Zaachila promoters took during the workshop will be exchanged with photographs taken by other youth in Bolivia and Colombia. One goal of this workshop is to initiate a dialogue through the medium of imagery, exploring the common and distinct challenges that youth face in different parts of Latin America.

As a part of the workshop, we asked the youth to compose a request of their photography partners from other countries. Here is a letter composed by one of youth promoters, Lizzeth Matías:

“Dear photographer. First and foremost, I send you my best regards. I would like to discuss something with you. The people of my town want to take some photos because we have a problem, which is that the landfill causes is too close to our neighborhoods and causes sickness. By taking and sharing these photos you will see that we have a lot of problems, but above all, we wish to share the human aspect of this situation, and communicate that in spite of difficulties they do not give up so easily. May you find in these photos both support and sincere friends that won’t leave you alone. We hope that these photographs may serve to express to others what we feel.”

As a part of the workshop, the promoters visited the Oaxaca municipal dump, which is located in a central part of their community and has an important impact on the daily lives of the population of roughly 15,000 people that live around it.


Analyzing photos from Colombia and Bolivia.


Organizing photos taken at the local landfill.


Taking photos at the Oaxaca municipal dump.


Futurescope “Constructing futures through the exchange of experiences and photographs between the youth of Mexico, Bolivia and Colombia,” is a project implemented by SiKanda, APEA-Acción Por una Educación Activa ( of Bolivia, Casa B ( of Colombia, and under the support of Red ALAS.