Statement on recent events in the Eastern area of ​​the Municipality of the Villa de Zaachila

Alejandro Murat Hinojosa. Governor of the state of Oaxaca

Arturo Peimbert.  Human Rights Defender of the People of Oaxaca

Civil Society of Oaxaca:

In the face of recent violent events that have surfaced in the eastern part of the municipality of the Village of Zaachila, the signatory organizations make an energetic call to the state authorities so that in full adherence to the law and respect for human rights they guarantee the safety and well-being of more than 15,000 people living in the neighborhoods near the metropolitan landfill of Oaxaca, favoring dialogue and responding to the demands of civil society.

We are deeply dismayed by the recent violence, which reflects a lack of attention from the state government to the needs of the area concerning security, health, education, employment and public services.

Based on the work we have done in the area, for years we have found the constant discrimination that is suffered by the families of the area is due to the presence of the landfill; however, as a result from recent events, such stigmatization has increased unjustifiably among Oaxacan society, giving rise to a phenomena of criminalization that does not distinguish between victims and perpetrators.

In fact, even though people living in the landfill area are affected by the more than 700 tons of garbage we produce daily in the metropolitan area of Oaxaca, the state Government has not provided spaces for dialogue and concrete initiatives to promote development and social cohesion in the area, which makes it even more difficult to eradicate the stigma faced by villagers in the eastern part of the village of Zaachila.

As an organization, we have presented the compromise of boys and girls, young people and adults from the location in order to improve their living conditions and to face the violence and to the inequality in a solidary form, the majority of the time, without institutional help.

As an organization, we have witnessed the commitment of children, young people and adults in the area to improve their living conditions and confront violence and inequality in a solidarity way, most of the time without institutional support. Proof of the above are projects such as the Santa Cecilia School of Musical Initiation, the Oaxacan communities Collective, the Vicente Guerrero Community Center, the library network and the Community Youth Promotion team of SiKanda.

Therefore, we renew the call to peace and respect for human rights and we stand in solidarity with the people affected by the conflict.



Solidarity International Kanda A.C. (Solidaridad Internacional Kanda A.C.) (SiKanda)

Support the Education Foundation Huapahualiztli (Fundación de Apoyo a la Educación Huapahualiztli)

Santa Cecilia School of Musical Initiation (Escuela de Iniciación Musical Santa Cecilia)

Collective Oaxacan Communities A.C. (Colectivo de Comunidades Oaxaqueñas A.C.)


(Organizations of the Eastern Zaachila Work Group)