International Seminar: Open Government from local communities for Sustainable Development


This past September 12th, the “2nd International Seminar on Local Open Government for Sustainable Development”, held at Hotel Victoria, was organized by UNDP, USAID, NACI, GESOC A.C., Easy Government and PRO SOCIEDAD. In this event, Janett García López, Oaxaca Regional Community Coordinator of the Polo project, participated on behalf of SiKanda in the panel: Visibility of the plan of action from civil society: lessons and teachings to influence open government practices.


This exercise was aimed at 20 young people from 5 states of the country: Oaxaca, Morelos, Chihuahua, Nuevo León and Sonora, who were able to make known the work of this organization in the promotion of open government and citizen participation in projects such as “Polo for participatory citizenship”, which is financed by the European Union.