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Recent earthquakes en Mexico caused severe damage to the houses of families with whom we work in the Huajuapan Municipality. Fortunately, no lives were lost. However, the Informal Recyclers of Huajuapan need urgent help to rebuild their homes and carry on. In Villa de Zaachila, damages have also been reported in the Music School and the Community Center. 

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Around 60 families of informal Recyclers (Pepenadores) who work with SiKanda in the Inclusive Recycling project, report damages to their homes. Many families spent the first days after the earthquake sleeping on the streets. Some had to leave their homes and are living with family members. SiKanda is providing support for earthquake relief in two stages: 1) Emergency response: Recyclers reported the need for basic supplies like food, cleaning materials, children's toys and other necessities. SiKanda responded by opening two collection centers in Oaxaca city. We greately appreciate all the donations coming in from SiKanda partners and strangers who have placed their trust on us! All items collected have been delivered to the hands of the Recyclers at the CITRESO in Huajuapan de León. 2) Rebuilding efforts: Sikanda will be working with other partners, Foundations and individuals to create a rebuilding fund for the homes of the Recyclers. The intervention, however, will take time due to differences in the level of damage and land property between the families. Some Recyclers own a piece of land in which they have their own home build with "material" (cement blocks), other families live in homes made out of a local type of bamboo (carrizo). Other families have no home of their own. At this point, along with the CIEM Arcobaleno, the Recycler's organization, we've decided to start fundraising to support Recyclers in three ways: a) Support to buy a property of their own in which to start building a dignified home. b) Support to rebuild their damaged homes. c) Support to dignify existing homes that need to be strenghtened through better construction and materials. If you'd like to support the common fund for these interventions, please contact us at comunicacion.sikanda@gmail.com
Villa the Zaachila also experienced damages due to the earthquakes. Our local partners reported: 1) Damages to the Santa Cecilia Music School: this school provides musical education to over 100 children as a means to prevent violence and drug abuse. Their storage room was damage due to the earhquake and in need of mayor repairs. Thanks to our parterns from S.A.C.R.E.D. enough funds have been raised to complete the repairs! 2) Damages to the Vicente Guerrero Community Center: the community center is a vital partner of our projects in Zaachila. They provide adult education, a safe space for children to learn computer skills and participate on workshops, and they host one of our Green Libraries! Two classrooms and one wall suffered crakcs with partial exposure of the structure. Columns and support walls needed repair. Once again, thanks to Lou Banks and our partners from S.A.C.R.E.D., enough funds have been raised to repair the damages. The SiKanda team and our local partners would like to express our most heartfelt thanks to S.A.C.R.E.D. for their support! 3) Although located at the Tlalixtac de Cabrera Municipality, the SiKanda offices also suffered some damages: all our bookshelves fell and broke as well as some damages to the walls. S.A.C.R.E.D came in one again to same the day! We've been able to replace the shelves and will finish the repairs very soon. Thank you guys!
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