In January, SiKanda received a visit from Father Luigi Ciotti, the founder of Gruppo Abele and the Anti-mafia Network LIBERA, a historical Italian and international association dedicated to combatting organized crime and supporting its victims.

Gruppo Abele is a non-governmental organization founded by Father Ciotti in Turín, Italy, in 1965, with the purpose of sharing and searching for solutions to social exclusion. Throughout this organization’s history, Gruppo Abele has worked in three lines of action: social, cultural and political, with the idea that it is necessary to create a new cultural approach to the problems created by exclusion and social marginalization.

Since 2011, Gruppo Abele has collaborated with SiKanda, supporting our projects with the goal of improving the quality of life of people in marginalized positions.

In Latin America, LIBERA International promotes the ALAS Network – Latin American Social Alternative. This network emerged in order to counteract violations of human rights, organized crime, corruption, impunity, violence and the criminal economy in Latin America, as these represent a decisive obstacle to integral development (human, economic, cultural and social) in the societies of the region. Constituted by more than 40 organizations that span 11 Latin American Countries, including SiKanda in Mexico, the objective of ALAS is to strengthen and spread a culture of peace, legality, social justice, damage repair and keeping alive the memory of victims.

During his visit to Oaxaca, Father Ciotti visited the Inclusive Recycling project in Huajuapan de León, where he met with the Recyclers of CITRESO about the vermicomposting and fertilizer production projects. He also participated in a discussion with SiKanda personnel and the organizations Cauce Ciudadano AC and CORESOAX, both of which are in the ALAS network. In this discussion we had the opportunity to share experiences and concerns about our respective organizations’ work with different groups in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.


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