SiKanda – SOLIDARIDAD INTERNACIONAL KANDA A.C.- is an independent, nongovernmental, nonprofit and non-denominational organization founded in 2009 in Oaxaca, Mexico.

“Kanda” means “Movement” in Mixtec, an indigenous language spoken in Mexico.

SiKanda, as its word of origin suggests, seeks to create an International Movement of Solidarity and Cooperation. SiKanda is involved in the design and implementation of programs that fight poverty and promote human and social rights.

Our vision:

SiKanda aspires to create a world in which different sectors of society, both national and international, cooperate to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged peoples through a process of mutual learning, responsibility, and justice while respecting the rights of all people to make their own decisions with regard to their lifestyles.

Our mission:

SiKanda seeks to facilitate and manage participatory processes of balanced and sustainable development in order to improve the quality of life in Mexico and other countries. Our conviction is that awareness and collaboration across distinct sectors of society, both national and international, can bring about a more just and equal world.

General objectives:

SiKanda promotes, coordinates, and facilitates activities in the areas of: Education and Culture, Economic Solidarity, Social Integration and Cohesion, Poverty Alleviation, Migration, Environment and Sustainable Technologies, Health, Gender and Women’s Rights and the sustainable, inclusive and respectful practice and awareness of Human Rights. Sikanda does not discriminate on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, religious or political affiliations or language.


Annual Report 2016

Download the 2016 Annual Report by clicking here! (PDF)

Or review our past reports in this link. 

We thank you all for the trust that you have placed in SiKanda and for your support towards marginalized families of Oaxaca; your efforts serve as a model of solidarity and social justice.


SiKanda believes that working together is the best way to complement our job. This way we all bring our best to the table! Here are some of the groups and networks we’re part of:


Technical Secretariat for Open Government in Oaxaca (Secretariado Técnico Local para Gobierno Abierto):  the Secretariat promotes Open Government and collaboration between government, private iniciative and civil society in Oaxaca. It promotes join interventions to improve the lives of people through the co-creation of public policies.


redhuertoslogo_miniwebInternational Network of School Gardens (Red Internacional de Huertos Escolares): a network committed to school gardens as learning and transformative tools. It includes schools, organizations academia and civil society. We promote that each person has access to an education that fosters critical thinking, creativity, health and good nutritious food, as well as reconecting with nature and ancient wisdom. SiKanda was a co-host for the VI International Encounter in october 2015.


logo_alas_miniwebRed Alas: Working to counteract human rights violations, organized crime, corruption, impunity and violence in Latin America, Alas is constituted by civil organizations from Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Peru and Honduras. We work towards incidence in public policies, human rights and the promotion of a culture of legality, peace and social justice.



Red Retoño:  an initiative for colective work towards the prevention, mitigation and reparation of the damages caused by organized crime in Mexico from a perspective of human security.