The organization’s core values are as follows :

1. Transparency

SiKanda is committed to using all donations efficiently and keeping all donors, private and public contributors, informed of activities being supported.

2. Neutrality

SiKanda operates completely independently of private interests and governmental policies.

3. Peace and free thinking:

SiKanda promotes peace, non-violence, and participatory democracy as essential values for coexistence.

4. Social Justice and Solidarity:

SiKanda works to increase awareness of problems in the global North and South through education in support of development. SiKanda also seeks to affirm a culture of solidarity through meaningful exchange among individuals, organizations, and communities.

5. Knowledge Sharing:

SiKanda believes in sharing knowledge through constant dialogue with local actors and local participation in decision-making, allowing beneficiaries to work with full autonomy and independence.

6. Democracy and consensus:

SiKanda is a democratic association that operates based on a participatory model. All participants in a project bring skills and experiences that contribute to the resolution of local and global problems.

7. Value of human resources:

SiKanda believes in the ongoing training of employees and volunteers, respects their rights, and recognizes their professional and personal qualities.

8. Responsibilities:

SiKanda constantly evaluates the efficiency and monitors the quality of its efforts. SiKanda also works with local partners to guarantee the self-sustainability of projects.

9. Responsible and sustainable lifestyles:

SiKanda works for sustainable development within a measured socioeconomic framework, respecting the environment in its daily activities.

10. Effectiveness and efficiency:

SiKanda pursues effectiveness and efficiency of operations within its internal structure: decision-making entity, operational structure, and external control. This guarantees an adequate division of responsibilities and sound administration.