Statutes registered with the Public Notary.


The Association is named SOLIDARIDAD INTERNACIONAL KANDA (KANDA INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY), which is followed by the words ASOCIACIÓN CIVIL (CIVIL ASSOCIATION) or by the abbreviation A.C.


The Association is domiciled in the city of Oaxaca de Juárez, in Oaxaca, México.


The Association’s objectives are as follows:

Support vulnerable and/or impoverished groups.

Promote and carry out development and humanitarian aid programs in communities and regions with low indicators of human development, with the efforts of volunteers and national and international donors.

Create a culture of international solidarity and social cooperation.

Eradicate all types of exploitation, injustice, discrimination and marginalization, with a particular emphasis on the violation of the rights of women, minors, and other vulnerable groups.

Promote the awareness and exercise of individual and human rights.

Advance leadership among women by strengthening their capacity to develop, manage, and carry out processes and projects.

Promote and develop activities intended to meet the basic needs of vulnerable people and to safeguard human life; ensure food security and sovereignty; value and protect human, natural, and cultural resources; implement and consolidate indigenous economic, social and cultural development of individuals and communities.

Advance people’s participation in the protection of their environment, actively involving them in improving their own quality of life; supporting better organization and social cohesion; and promoting behaviors, habits, and customs that improve the quality of life as well as respect their cultural and social environment.


The Association’s patrimony consists of income from the following sources:

Property goods and rights.

Fees paid by affiliated organizations, as determined by the General Assembly.

Private, public and international donations.

Income from activities directly or indirectly related to the association’s mission.